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It pains me to say that I’m going to be quitting WordPress very soon. I love using WordPress very much, but I can’t upload many more pictures and videos.   :( I’d have to pay $99 for what I need and a little bit extra including a 10 gb space upgrade. TEN GB? REALLY NOW?! I’d be willing to pay a couple dollars a month. It’s so ridiculous that for $99 a year you don’t even get unlimited space. Many other bloggers including myself will most likely be moving back to Webs or Blogspot *sigh*. I like WordPress best and it just seemed to be the most dominant out of the other free blog sites I’ve been using in the past. You can contact me by emailing to or if you want me to answer ASAP send it to You can also contact me using YouTube through Melodyc3 and/or Tori23epic. I’m terribly sorry Elizabeth, but I have to go at least for now until this limited space thing changes, which I’m sure it will it’ll just be awhile 😦 I don’t want to waste anymore space on your account. Well…..I really truly never thought I’d say this. I hate saying goodbye so…..See you around.

~Melody :) :o :D

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Beacon Updates and Fall Fair Construction!!!

:o I saw this before, but never posted.   D:

(Lights on)


(Lights off)




Fall Fair Construction (2011)


Sadly, no sign of Rockhopper yet.   :(

That’s all for now!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Puffle Launch App Now Available!!!

Heck yea!!! I’m getting my iPod right now to download the new Puffle Launch app!!!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Better Igloo Cheats Catalog

Here are the new Better Igloo Cheats!

(Click the sign on the Food Stand menu to see the Stainless Steel Stove)






(Click on Feed Fluffy Trashcan to see the Comfy Crab)


(Click the porthole on the Captain Cut-Out to see the Feeding Bucket)


(Click the first star on the Water Trough to see the Plush Grey Chair)


(Click the plant on the Boss Desk to see the Computer Desk)


~Melodyc3 🙂 😮 😀

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Hey sorry I haven’t posted in like 2 months I’ve been busy!

So you may or may not have noticed I’ve been doing some maintenance to the site. Currently I hope none of my friends post anything until It’s done. I don’t really have the “feel” for this site’s look anymore so I hope you’ll love the new changes! Also lot’s of new pages coming soon. Don’t worry It’ll be done before you know it.

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Truelove99 Is Online

Club Penguin updated the alert when your buddy is online. Here’s a picture!

(Club Penguin aktualisiert die Warnung, wenn Ihr Kumpel ist online. Hier ist ein Bild!)

(Club Penguin aktualizowane alert, gdy Twój znajomy jest online. Oto zdjęcie!)

(Club Penguin обновленные уведомление, когда ваш друг подключен к сети. Вотфото!)

(Club Penguin actualizado la alerta cuando tu mejor amigo está en línea. Aquí hay una foto!)

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D  

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Club Penguin Updates

I’m so sorry I haven’t updated lately!   :( Here are the new cheats!!!

(Es tut mir leid ich nicht aktualisiert haben in letzter Zeit! Hier sind die neuen Tricks!)   😦

(Tak mi przykro nie zostały zaktualizowane ostatnio! Oto nowe kody!)   😦

(Мне так жаль, я не обновляется в последнее время!   :( Вот новые коды!)

(Lo siento mucho no haber actualizado últimamente!   :(  Aquí están los nuevos trucos!)

Here are my Puffle updates!

(Hier sind meine Puffle Updates.Puffle Namen sind jetzt in Fettschrift!) (Oto moje puffel aktualizacje. Nazwy puffle są teraz w zuchwały.) (Вот мои Puffle обновления. Puffle имена теперь жирным шрифтом!) (Aquí están mis actualizaciones Puffle. Nombres Puffle están en negrita!)

Puffles got updated, but they look the same when walked!*

*Club Penguin changed this…

Puffles bekam aktualisiert, aber sie sehen das gleiche, wenn ging! *

* Club Penguin änderte sich dies …

Puffles została zaktualizowana, ale wyglądają tak samo, gdy chodził! *

* Club Penguin zmienił to …

Puffles получил обновление, но они выглядят так же, когда пошел! ** Club Penguin изменил это … 

Puffles se actualiza, pero tienen el mismo aspecto cuando se camina! ** Club Penguin cambiado esto … 

 The Puffle rug in the Pet Shop has been updated! It turns whatever color your Puffle is!!!   :D

Die Puffle Teppich in den Pet Shop wurde aktualisiert! Es stellt sich unabhängig vonFarbe Ihrer Puffle ist!
puffle dywan w Pet Shop został zaktualizowany! Okazuje się bez względu na kolor twojejpuffel jest!
ковер Puffle в Pet Shop был обновлен! Оказывается все цвета ваши Puffle это!
La alfombra Puffle en la tienda de mascotas ha sido actualizado! Resulta cualquiercolor es tu Puffle!
Club Penguin also added another update. Puffles play in the tubes now!!!
(Club Penguin auch fügte eine weitere Aktualisierung. Puffles spielen in den Rohrenjetzt!!)
(Club Penguin dodał również kolejną aktualizację. Puffles grać w rurach teraz!!)
(Club Penguin также добавил еще одно обновление. Puffles играть в трубы прямо сейчас!!)
(Club Penguin tambien tiene añadido un nueva actualización. Puffles jugar en los tubosahora!!)
Herbert strikes again! The EPF is under attack! When you complete this top~secret mission, you get a free EPF pin!!!
Herbert schlägt wieder zu! Die EPF wird angegriffen! Wenn Sie dieses Top komplette ~geheimer Mission, erhalten Sie eine kostenlose EPF Stift!
Herbert uderza ponownie! EPF jest atakowany! Po wykonaniu tej top ~ tajnej misji,dostaniesz za darmo pin EPF!
Герберт наносит еще один удар! EPF находится под атакой! После завершенияэтой вершине ~ секретную миссию, вы получаете бесплатный контактный EPF!
Herbert ataca de nuevo! El EPF se encuentra bajo ataque! Al completar esta misión dealto secreto ~, se obtiene un pin libre EPF!
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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May 2011 Penguin Style Cheats

Here are the Penguin Style Cheats for the newest catalogue…

(Hier sind die Pinguin Stil Cheats für die neuesten Katalog…)

(Oto Penguin Style kody do najnowszego katalogu…)

(Вот Пингвин Стиль Коды к новейший каталог…)

(Estos son los Trucos del pingüino de estilo para el nuevo catálogo…)

All of the green boxes show the hidden item locations.

(Alle grünen Felder zeigen die versteckten Posten Standorten.)

(Wszystkie zielone pola pokazać ukryty element miejscach.)

(Все зеленые ящики показать скрытый пункт местах.)

(Todos los cuadros de color verde muestran la ubicación de los artículos ocultos.)

Remember to open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times to reveal the super cool Blue Helmet.

Denken Sie daran, zum Öffnen und Schließen des Roten Wikingerhelm viermal diesuper cool Blauhelm offenbaren.

Pamiętaj, aby otworzyć i zamknąć Viking Helmet Red cztery razy, aby odsłonić super cool Blue Helmet.

Помните, чтобы открыть и закрыть Красный Викинг шлем четыре раза, чтобывыявить Super Cool Blue шлем.

Recuerde que debe abrir y cerrar el casco vikingo rojo cuatro veces para revelar lasuper cool Casco Azul.
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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May 2011 Pin Location

Here’s the latest pin! Location: Dojo

(Hier gibt’s die neusten Pin! Ort: Dojo)

(Oto najnowszy pin! Lokalizacja: Dojo)

(Вот последние контактный! Расположение: Dojo)

(Aquí está el último alfiler! Localización: Dojo)

 ~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Club Penguin Glitch

Today, I was on club penguin and I believe I found a new glitch. I saw my messages had 39 in it but when I clicked on it, I had no messages.

Check it out:

I hope they fix it! Please comment if this happened to you!

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Puffle Pin Locations

Here are the Puffle Pin Locations:

(Aquí están las ubicaciones Pin Puffle:)

(Вот проведения Puffle Pin:)

(Oto miejsca Pin puffel:)

(Hier sind die Puffle Pin Standorte:)

*(I tried to translate the rest, but my computer wasn’t functioning.)*

Orange Puffle Pin Location: Night Club

Brown Puffle Pin Location: Ski Village

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed!

Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed! The play is back at the stage! ( Everyone should know that my friend told me to translate to 5 different languages so from now on I will. Also she is my helper to give me ideas so I listen to her)

Enjambre de Norman se ha transformado! La obra está de vuelta en el escenario!(Todo el mundo debe saber que mi amigo me dijo que se traducen en 5 idiomasdiferentes así que de ahora en adelante lo haré. También ella es quien me ayuda adarme ideas, así que escuchar a ella)
Norman Swarm verwandelt hat! Das Spiel ist zurück auf der Bühne! (Jeder solltewissen, dass mein Freund mich auf 5 verschiedenen Sprachen, so von jetzt an werde ich übersetzen erzählt. Auch sie mein Helfer, um mir Ideen, damit ich ihr zuhören)
Норман Рой был преобразован! играть снова на сцене! (Каждый должен знать, что мой друг сказал мне, чтобы перевести на 5 разных языках, поэтому теперь я буду. Кроме того, она является моим помощником, чтобы дать мне идей, поэтомуя слушаю ее)
Swarm Norman a été transformé! Le jeu est de retour à la scène! (Tout le mondedevrait savoir que mon ami m’a dit que pour traduire en 5 langues différentes à partir de maintenant je vais. Aussi, elle est mon aide pour me donner des idées si je l’écoute)
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Club Penguin Reviewed by You: Animals

Hello Penguins!
In last week’s Reviewed by You, we asked what your favorite room was at the April Fool’s Party. Many of you said that you liked the Stair Dimension. Here’s why Arctic293 liked that room best:
Hmm… that’s a tough one. Well, I’d have to say the Stair Dimension, because it is fun and my penguin gets to walk upside down and dance upside down as well!! waddle on cp!!
Waddle on, Arctic293! Thanks for your comments!
This week we’d like to talk about animals. During the upcoming Earth Day Party, we’ll be celebrating animals and their natural habitats. We want to help protect the environment and endangered animals like the Snow Leopard.
So we want to know… What is your favorite animal, and what do you like best about it?
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We’ll pick one comment to feature in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on April 08 2011 04:42


Hola pingüinos!

En la semana pasada Comentado por Usted, le preguntamos cuál es su habitaciónfavorita fue en la fiesta del April Fool’s. Muchos de ustedes han dicho que te gustaba ladimensión de escaleras. He aquí por qué Arctic293 gustaba ese cuarto mejor:

Hmm … que es una pregunta difícil. Bueno, yo tendría que decir la dimensión de escaleras, porque es divertido y mi pingüino llega a caminar al revés y la danza al revés, así! contoneo de cp!

Waddle sobre, Arctic293! Gracias por tus comentarios!

Esta semana nos gustaría hablar acerca de los animales. Durante la próxima Parte Día de la Tierra, estaremos celebrando los animales y sus hábitats naturales. Queremosayudar a proteger el medio ambiente y los animales en peligro de extinción como elleopardo de las nieves.

Así que queremos saber … ¿Cuál es su animal favorito, y lo que más te gusta de él?

Escribe tu opinión como un comentario breve (50-75 palabras, por favor!) Vamos atomar un comentario para presentar en la próxima semana revisada por Usted. Si tureseña aparece la próxima semana, vamos a añadir 10.000 monedas a su cuenta. No se olvide de usar su nombre de pingüinos para que podamos agregar las monedas!

Hasta entonces … Waddle sobre!

-Team Club Penguin
Por felipefroilan de 08 de abril 2011 04:42


Привет пингвины!

В последние недели Отзыв от Тебя, мы спросили, какая ваша любимая комнатабыла на партийных Дурака. Многие из вас сказал, что вам понравилось лестницыизмерение. Вот почему Arctic293 любил эту комнату лучше всего:

Хм … это жесткое. Ну, я бы сказал, лестницы измерение, потому что это весело имой пингвин получает ходить вниз головой и вверх ногами танцевать, как хорошо!!вразвалку на CP!

Уоддл на, Arctic293! Спасибо за ваши комментарии!

На этой неделе мы хотели бы поговорить о животных. В ходе предстоящего Дня Земли партии, мы будем отмечать животных и их естественных мест обитания.Мы хотим, чтобы защитить окружающую среду и находящихся под угрозой исчезновения животных, как снежный барс.

Таким образом, мы хотим знать … Какое ваше любимое животное, и что вам больше всего нравится об этом?

Напиши свой ​​отзыв как краткий комментарий (50-75 слов, пожалуйста!) мы выберем одно замечание, чтобы показать в следующей неделе Отзыв вами. Есливаш обзор признакам на следующей неделе, мы добавим 10000 монет на ваш счет. Не забывайте использовать ваш пингвин имя, чтобы мы могли добавитьмонет!

До тех пор … Уоддл на!

-Club Penguin команды
По Billybob на 8 апреля 2011 4:42

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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April Fools Day Cheats

Here are the cheats for the April Fools Day Party…

…this reminds me…my first post ever was on April Fools Day cheats!   :o

Click this box to read the hints for the Scavenger Hunt.

Go to the Box Dimension to start. Penguins can get in to the Box Dimension if they have a Box Dimension in their igloo, or they can take the short cut at the Snow Forts.

Click the small box in the green box at the center of the Box Dimension.

Go to the dimension with the cactus on the box. Click the small box in the green box.

Go to the dimension with the pencil on the box. Click on the blue pencil in the green box.

Go to the dimension with the planet on the box. Connect the stars by scrolling over them.

Click the stapler in the green box.

Go to the dimension with a jester hat on the box. Click the box on the pillow.

Go to the dimension with a picture of stairs on the box. Click on the small box inside the green box.

Go to the dimension with a picture of a barrel of cream soda on it. Go through the cream soda maze to get to the tape.

Go to the dimension with the picture of an ice cream cone on it…

…then you will find the small box.

That’s the end of the April Fools Day Scavenger Hunt…or is it? Click “Claim Prize.” Now here’s something cool. Wear your box costume (you don’t have to dance. You don’t even have to only wear the box. Once you put your box costume on, you will unlock a special dimension in the middle of the Box Dimension, called “Silly Place.”

Click the locker inside the green box for a special prize…

…another awesome outfit!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Puffle Pins Locations

Pin: Yellow Puffle Location: Mine

Pin: White Puffle Location: Book Room

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Japan tsunami & Earthquake Footage

At least it didn’t hit the nuclear plants! That wouldn’t be good…Anyway, Here is a link:

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Club Penguin; Thinking About Japan

Hello Penguins!
A little over a week ago, a major earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, causing massive damage. For those of you affected by this disaster, know that everyone in Club Penguin is thinking of you and your family during this time.
Since last week, we’ve received a lot of inspiring comments and great suggestions from you about different disasters around the world. Many of you have asked about ways to help others when tragedies happen.
Over the next week, we’ll be featuring a few blog posts dedicated to helping your community in times of need. And we’d like you to be involved!
We’ve already seen a bunch of your pictures, screenshots and videos dedicated to Japan. We’d like to feature some of your pictures on Club Penguin to show our support! Send your images to us here. We’ll publish some of them in different places around Club Penguin in the next few weeks.
Stay tuned for more Global Citizenship posts later this week!
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on March 23 2011 10:13
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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Dance Lounge

Hello Penguins!
Thanks for all your recent comments about Puffle Launch and other puffle games. Last week, we asked what games you like to play with your puffle! Many of you had some awesome suggestions for games you’d like to see your puffles play.
A lot of you liked Yello Pengi8‘s comment:
I have a suggestion for all of the Puffles out there who cannot play games with their owners. Orange puffles should play Pizzatron 3000 because they love food so much, they also could put toppings on while you work on the pizza’s too. Brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper and they can help you jump higher with gadgets it makes and you may even be able to jump over the buoys! White puffles should play Sled Racing because they love snow! They could make ice with its breath and you could go faster because of the ice. Blue puffles should play ice fishing and it could wear a little fishing hat and it can help you get extra fish.
Keep up the great comments, everyone!
Speaking of games… next week there’ll be an update to the Dance Lounge with another new game! So we want to know… If you were to invent a new arcade game, what would it be? Let us know about your dream game in the comments!
Write your review as a comment. We’ll pick one comment to feature in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 17 2011 11:00

I think it’s gonna look awesome, but do you think Club Penguin is getting a bit carried away with updating rooms? What do you think? Leave a comment; tell me what you think.   :)

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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New HTML blog coming soon!

Soon I’ll have a new HTML website new and improved soon it will be released to the public once I’m done editing it and putting games on it! I’ll have a page that has games though so it’s not ALL about CP but still you’ll be able to get new cheats from there! I’ll have new banners new games faster updates, etc. So be on the lookout for the link!

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~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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New theme!!!!

Every hundred hits I get I’m going to be changing the theme. If you were reading my blog before you would know that I’ve had this them before but I just like it so much so I did that. I need a lot of improving to be good at this so yeah. I’m trying really hard to get better at this so.

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Happy77’s New Brown Puffle Vid!!!

Here’s Happy77′s Newest Vid!!!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Bug Fixed!!!

Yesterday I said that I’d give you an update on the bug that was disconnecting some of you from the server. The team just squashed that pesky bug! Now you should be able to play without getting disconnected. Thanks for being so patient!
Make sure you clear your cache so you have the latest data from the server.
Meanwhile, there’s a lot happening in the Pet Shop right now — the new Puffle features are finally here! I won’t spoil any of the surprises, so check it out and let us know what you think!
Until then… Waddle on!
– Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on March 08 2011 06:06
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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Almost 330 hits!!!!

Awesomely, I almost have 330 hits ( I have 329 ha) so soon I got that…..I think I’ve had a blog since around November or December. It’s really new to me so I just wanna thank everyone who’s visited!


I also, have a face book page if you wanna follow me:

It needs some hard work so I’ll let you know when it’s completely done.

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Pet Shop Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!


Thanks for all the great jokes last week! The team loved reading all your different pet jokes. Here’s one we liked from Gibbygirl1:


Q.What’s a brown puffle’s favorite food?

A.Nuts and bolts!

Good one, Gibbygirl1!


For this week’s Reviewed By You, we want to give you a sneak peek of the new Pet Shop! We want to hear what you think before it launches next week. What do you like best about it? Let us know in the comments!



We’ll publish one of your comments (50 – 75 words) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!


Until then… Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on March 04 2011 08:02
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Happy77’s YouTube Videos

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Club Penguin Updates

(Last month’s outfit is hidden in “Penguins At Work,” just like last month.)

Here are the Penguin Times Updates…

On Tylercool’s old site, he released a sneak peek that he got from a friend. This is the girl in the sneak peek. She appeared in last week’s issue of the Penguin Times…

At least Club Penguin is having a St. Patrick’s day igloo contest!

Here are some recent EPF messages…

There’s even a new EPF Field Op game!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Sorry that the new cheats aren’t out yet! Club Penguin isn’t working!   :O

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Happy77 Puffle Animator

Greetings Penguins!
Happy77 here. As Billybob mentioned last week, puffles are going to be doing a lot more stuff starting in March…
To get you more of the scoop, I interviewed a puffle animator and asked her a few questions:
Q: Tell me some your favorite puffle facts.
A: My favorite puffle facts, hmmmm…I love how crazy they go over puffle O’s and how they’ll do anything to get ‘em. Even jump into a cannon! Another of my fave facts is how puffles looove to dance. If you dance they’ll be dancin’ right beside you!
Q: RayToolbear wanted to know: What kind of creativity do you need when you animate puffles?
A: Great question Ray Toolbear! When I’m animating puffles I love to sketch out hilarious pictures of how they would react. This helps me to pull out the funniest, off the wall expressions from each puffle. Sometimes when I’m in need of creativity I get my friends to make funny faces and I draw their expressions :D
Q: Jackcol9 asked: What new tricks will puffles be able to do?
A: Thanks for your question Jackol9. New tricks you ask… Well, puffles will be expressing themselves more!They love to have their hair brushed into crazy styles, they’ll jump for joy over treats you feed them, and let you know what they like and don’t!
Sweet! Hope that answers some of your questions. Let us know what else you’d like to know about puffles in the comments.
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
By Happy77 on March 02 2011 10:42
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D
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Start Screen

It’s funny, when you go to the start screen (it shows up after you press play now) the white puffle (in the snow one) if you wait long enough, it blinks. Not very cool but still I noticed that when I logged on.

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Puffle Jokes and Bebolebo’s Epic Idea!!!

Hello Penguins! 

Last week we gave you a sneak peek of some upcoming new puffle food. We asked you what food you’d like puffles to eat in the future. Everyone had some awesome suggestions! Check out Bebolebo‘s cool idea:

Here’s my suggestion: We should be able to buy a BERRY BUSH like the puffles would see in the wild. Then we could put it in the middle of our igloo and the puffles could all eat off of it until the berries are all gone.

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

blog_110225.jpgFor this week’s Reviewed By You, we want to hear some puffle humor. What’s your favorite puffle or pet joke? Post yours in the comments!

We’ll publish one joke or riddle (50 – 75 words) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your comment is featured next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 25 2011 06:37
That’s a really EPIC idea!!! Thanks Bebolebo!!!
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Club Penguin Updates

(Try saying THAT three times fast!!!)

Here’s the Black Puffle Pin location:

Here’s the Green Puffle Pin location:

Here’s The Haunting of the Viking Opera!

Here’s the Viking Ship Pin:

Click on the “g” in “Viking.”

Close and open the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to see the Blue Viking Helmet. Gadzooks!!!

After you’ve opened the Blue Viking Helmet do NOT close it! Click on Helga’s helmet to see…

The super awesomeness of the Gold Viking Helmet!!! Epic!!!

Here’s what the Switchbox 3000 controls:

The first button controls the cloud.

This button controls the waves.

This button controls the avalanche.

This button controls the sail.

This button controls the Dragon’s eyes. It rolls its eyes and also gives a very disturbed look.   :)

This button controls the backdrop!!!

This button makes the bush fall over.

This yellow lever makes the Yellow Puffle sing!!!

(The Yellow Puffle shows opera singers how it’s done.)   :)

New message from Rookie?! This can’t be good…

(If you can’t read this, click to enlarge.)

(System Defender Klutzy Attack video coming soon!!!)

Here are the highlights of this week’s Penguin Times:

There are 3 new pins in one month! This breaks the record, right?!?!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Club penguin time zone

Over the time I noticed that it used to be 2 hours before my original time. Now it’s exactly like my time. If its 4:15 PM here it is on cp. That’s kind of strange.

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The Future of Puffles!!!

Hello Penguins!


The Puffle Party’s in full swing! It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since the first puffle was adopted. A lot has happened since then. So the big question is — what’s next for puffles?



Over the next year, we’re adding some brand new features that you’ve been asking for. Here’s a few of them coming in March:


More foodLast week we gave you a sneak peek of new food items for puffles. Soon everyone will be able to stock up on food at the Pet Shop.


Interactive puffles: You asked for it and we’ve listened. In two weeks, you’ll be able to interact with your pet close-up! Plus each puffle will have new animations to show you how they’re feeling.


New game: The rumors are true… the team’s putting the finishing touches on a brand new game called Puffle Launch!


Happy77 and I will have more info for you this week. Let us know what you think in the comments!


Until then… Waddle on!


– Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 22 2011 10:37

A Puffle brush?!?! So cool!!! I can’t wait!!!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Puffle Food!!!

Hello Penguins! 

Thanks for all your safety tips last week. Here’s a great comment from Zoecheer:
My best safety tip would be to never give out personal information about yourself or others. (addresses, numbers, last names, were you are, etc.) That way, you can waddle on and be safe too!
Excellent reminder, Zoecheer. It is very important to be careful with your personal information — especially on the internet!
Now on to this week’s Reviewed by You… I wanted to give you guys an early sneak peek at some new stuff coming after the Puffle Party. The team’s planning to add some new items to feed your pets! Check it out:
Of course, we want to hear from you about that first! So… What do you think of the new food item for puffles? What food items would you like to feed your pet in the future, and why? 

Write your review as a comment. We’ll publish one (50 – 75 words) in next week’s Reviewed By You. If your review is chosen as the featured comment next week, we’ll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don’t forget to use your penguin name so we can add coins!
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team
By Billybob on February 16 2011 03:40
I can’t wait!!!
~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Stuff about the Puffle Party

I was on club penguin and (as always) the puffle party came a day early! For anyone that would come on here, if your not a member here is a picture of the puffle show! I learned if you bring your puffle next to the puffle race, puffle grooming, puffle judging then your puffle goes onto it. Check mine out:

Also if you didnt notice the puffle glitch was fixed that I mentioned before see:

My puffle used to look like it was orange but it’s brown.

Here was my favorite puffle rooms:

Check back soon for more updates on the Puffle Party!

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Puffle Party!!!

The color of the Plaza depends on what Puffle you walk…

If you don’t walk a Puffle, this is what the Plaza looks like:

Here are the Puffles’ rooms:

Press the red button…(Look at the Green box…)


Awww…look!!! A cute little Orange Puffle is nomming a cookie!!!

After waiting in the Box Dimension for awhile, an Orange Puffle will drive by in a truck!!!

On the day the Puffle Party was released, there was a glitch. When you walked into this room, it would say, “Loading Dark Swamp.”*

Everyone’s throwing snowballs at me!

I ❤ Puffle Feeding!!! It’s so much fun!!!

There’s also new Puffle art!!!

Non-members can get into the Box Dimension easily for the new Field Op and to see the Orange Puffle room, by going to the Lighthouse!

Club Penguin also changed the look of some of the Puffles!!!

MAJOR things going on at the Pet Shop!!!

If you walk a White Puffle, this is what the Pet Shop will look like.

If you don’t walk a Puffle, this is what the Pet Shop will look like…

Here are more updated Puffles!!!

Also, on the day of the Puffle Party, Brown Puffles were released to all members!!!

So cute!!! My 20th Puffle’s name is Mocha!!!

I wonder how the Brown Puffles are dealing with the Puffle Party…Brown Puffles are afraid of balloons!

There was a Brown Puffle glitch, that when penguins click adopt a Puffle when they already have 20, it says, “Sorry, you can only have 19 Puffles.”

Club Penguin updated the Puffle Fun Page! Take a look at the green box…

I ❤ the Puffle Show!!!

There was a glitch, that when penguins enter the Puffle Show, it would say, “Loading Haunted House.”**

Here’s the Free member item:

Awww! Doesn’t Woof look so cute?

I LOVE Puffles!!!

Here’s something I noticed when my Brown Puffle was hungry…

When Puffles are hungry, a bowl of Puffle O’s appears over their heads.

The Brown Puffle is the first Puffle with a grey bowl of Puffle O’s and not a Yellow bowl of Puffle O’s!

*Club Penguin fixed this glitch.

**Club Penguin fixed this glitch.

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D

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Puffle Party Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins! 

It’s almost here… The Puffle Party is coming this weekend!
So what are you looking forward to doing at the party? As always, we want to hear from you, so let us know your big plans in the comments!
In other news… As many of you know, the Brown Puffle will be available in the Pet Shop by Friday! We can’t wait to see these new puffles out and about at the party.
Until then… Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on February 15 2011 03:15


~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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New Club Penguin Updates

(Click on any of the images to see them larger.)

Also, just a reminder; the Puffle Party will be here tomorrow!!!

~Melodyc3 :) :o :D


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Can anyone help me with my blog?

Yeah now I’m seriously desperate! I need all the help I can get! I need to stay more up to date but now I can’t do that very well! Anyone that has a word press account who wants to help me, please do so! Just comment and i’ll add you and then you can help with my blog!

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Yep, this is the first time I’ve blogged in 2011 so yeah I am sorry. I play A LOT of games on face book so you know I get “busy” with that. So has everyone heard of city ville? It’s a fun new game and I’m level 30. Like I said i get “busy” with games like farm ville level 27.

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New you tube channel

I finally got a new you tube channel!  If you wanna find me my username is Elizabeth8872 since elizabeth887 was taken. Please subscribe!

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I have been thinking and I have decided, I am going to be making video tutorials for all of the club penguin fans that watch! You can also comment if you have a question, and I will make a video/write the tutorial for it! I made 2 so far.

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The latest news!

Club Penguin News lately:

Billybob told us that soon there will be new food to feed to your puffles! I’m exited for the puffle party!

New puffle decorations and pins! There will be 2 pins out this week and one is in the ski lodge upstairs and the other is in the underwater room.

New puffle T-shirts at the gift shop! Also new better igloos catalog and new igloo upgrades!

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Water jitsu finally here!

Water jitsu is finally here!

My first time playing i didn’t get it. The second time i talked to sensei, he said i had the stamp of 365 days! Check it out:

OK now i’m gonna try it again and see if i can post the instructions!

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Newspaper update

The newspaper is brand new like aunt arctic promised us! And not only that…newspapers are also delivered on Friday instead of thursday for some reason. Cant wait until card jitsu water comes!

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Card jitsu water

Coming soon! really cool! so i will post soon. and i had no internet before so thats why it toook so long!

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200 hits!

I’m actually kind of exited to have my 200 hits! well almost 200, anyway. Whenever I get my 500 hit then I will have a party but I won’t get too exited until it happens.

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New trainers coming soon!

OK I’m so exited to tell you all 100 people who have visited my blog, that I will be creating some minor test trainers! I have looked on you tube-still am- and i found visual basic 6 for client side stuff that’s pretty cool. I know client side isn’t the best but you can always tell me some ways to improve. I would also like thank some people in real life for encouraging me to make a blog of how cool cp can be!

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My first post (miley c 246)

So, this is my very first post here on elizabeth’s blog! If you wanna see me on club penguin my name is miley c 246. I don’t have a lot to say right now. Check back soon! Also, I won’t post everything just about cp!

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club penguin join now!

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Congratz miley!(elizabeth887)

I would like to congratulate miley c 246 ( my bff) on becoming part of my staff! 🙂 😀 So I was talking to her about my blog and how i see a lot of people visiting it and she requested to be part of my staff. So from now on…until she quits she will be given credit on some of my blog. So some posts miley c 246 will be writing and some I will be. So on the front of the blog post whoever wrote it, will have there name on the title. Just like I have it on the title right now. OK please comment and tell me if you would like to be part of the staff. If you are lucky I will pick you. If you are in the staff you will have to:

help pick out the best funny picks for me to post.

You will help with pages.

You will help find secrets in cattolog. ( you will circle it with paint and send it to me via email.)

I hope you help become staff! MAX staff: 6 people.


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Club Penguin

So yeah this is the home page of my blog.  Here on this page is where I will be putting a few pictures of things! I’m not gonna copy anymore pictures from other websites. I’ll take them with my phone, Buy a new SD card, Put it up here. I hope you enjoy it when i get the suplies. K bye for now!


🙂 😦 😡 l☺l

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